Sergey Pashinin

Interested in contract or full-time remote work.

Looking for a remote job as a system administrator or web-developer.


I respect UNIX-like systems, Python and C++. Nobody knows c++ :) but I'm on my way.


I have used FreeBSD, migrated to Ubuntu server.

This web site uses:

  • Nginx, uWSGI. Also used Apache + mod_wsgi
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL. Moved from MySQL
  • Git. Moved from SVN
  • Fabric deployment
  • and of course HTML, Jquery, CSS.
My own mail server:
  • Postfix + Dovecot
  • DKIM, SPF record
Other servers running right now:
  • SSH with key authentication
  • Jabber server (ejabberd)
  • DNS server
  • DHCP


2012 Stanford online courses - Cryptography, Natural Language Processing
2006 - 2013 Bauman Moscow State Technical University,
Informatics and control systems